Chicken Satay

Chicken marinated in curry and coconut milk. Served with house delicious peanut sauce and cucumber and onion mix $6.95

Fried Spring Rolls

Stuffed with bean threads and finely shredded carrots with minced shrimp and pork. Served with sweet plum sauce $7.95

Moo Yang Pork on Skewers

Marinated in our special coconut cream sauce and grilled to perfection. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce $6.95

Garlic and Pepper Chicken Wings

Crispy from the outside, tender on the inside. Everyone's all time favorite. Served with sweet chili sauce $6.95

Pork Short Ribs

Marinated and fried with a finishing dash of sea salt $6.95

Fried Taro

Served with sweet chili plum sauce and crushed peanuts on the side $6.95